Carollyne Sinclaire Artist
Capturing the Beauty of Colour, Light and Shadow


I've wanted to paint clouds with success, capturing their billowing formations, the dispersal of the streams of vapour and the gradation of blues in the sky. Until I shifted to oil paint my acrylic paintings, my works couldn't have come close to reality. For many years, though all seasons I'd sit outside and look at the skies, on my back deck in Vancouver overlooking Burrard Inlet I'd watch clouds forming and dispersing. Like everyone in childhood I'd stretch out in the grass and observe clouds and proclaim that one looked like a cow or a sailing ship. Now that I've moved again, the skies and the sunsets are the hands-down entertainment winners. 'Billowing' is currently showing at Picture This! Gallery in Penticton, open Tuesday to Saturday.

Here's one for you that I hope you like, oil on canvas, 16" high by 20" wide.

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