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Capturing the Beauty of Colour, Light and Shadow

The Odd Couple

I brought these two pears home a couple of months ago from the supermarket,a Bartett and a Bosc, keeping each other company on the counter until they ripened. In summer when we have guests I do taste tests on the different fruits, bringing home a variety of cherries or apples.

Evenings I tend to flip through art books, examine Old Masters work with their rich, dark, receding backgrounds. I've been doing a series of those. But one evening I pulled out my Matisse books, the paintings often filled with rich fabrics. In a tribute to Matisse I wanted to place the pears on cloth that would be used here locally as the Okanagan seems to be home for many quilters.

10 X 8 X .75: Acrylic on cradle board. No need to frame. Shipping will be extra.

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The Odd Couple

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