Carollyne Sinclaire Artist
Capturing the Beauty of Colour, Light and Shadow


Perhaps it's Covid that makes me delve into childhood memories, a time when my father and I would go to the movies--my preferred shows, noble dog stories that would make me cry or later, horror movies--and beforehand we would each select a candy bar. I had a pretty wide selection to choose from but I was warned, "No taffy! It will pull out your fillings." Usually I chose between chocolate rosebuds or Smarties with absolutely no objections to the red Smarties. So here's a pack for you--they're in smaller packaging now with the same number of candies--and you won't gain a pound.

'Smarties' 8 X 10 X 1.5" Acrylic on cradle board prepared to the highest standards. The design wraps around the sides so there is no need to frame. Shipping extra. To learn about new works and events please subscribe to my newsletter.


Canadian Dollars