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Two Plums on Mosaic

"Where do your ideas for painting come from?" several people asked me recently. Mostly ideas are all around me and, in this case, my neighbour arrived at the door with a box of mixed fruit. There is a slightly desperate look on the face of folks here in the Okanagan when they realize they've got a bumper crop of fruit: how can they consume it all, let alone preserve it all. And, of course, I am a very happy recipient.

This plum photo sat in my files from last year and I thought I've got to get around to painting those plums. But what shall I do for a background? I've been drenching myself in Old Masters' style images lately with dark backgrounds. But what about the foreground? I tried cloth, too draped, I tried prints, too distracting and then I stepped outside my door and saw our small mosaic table. Ah ha! That was it--mosaic, in yellow already, a perfect complement to the purple. So that's where these ideas came from. Just a synthesis of images and experiences.

12 X 9 X 1.5" acrylic on wood cradle board. No need to frame. Shipping will be extra.

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Two Plums on Mosaic

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