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Capturing the Beauty of Colour, Light and Shadow

Little Greek Boats 28 X 36

On an idyllic day in Patmos these brightly painted boats bobbed peacefully in the almost still but shimmering water in the port. My husband rested on a make-shift bench and I stretched out on the dock to take photos but this overhead post proved to be my favourite.

The Vivid, Disappearing Fishing Boats of Greece

By Laura Mallonee

THE IMAGE OF a fisherman casting his net from a small, wooden boat bobbing in the cerulean water of the Mediterranean Sea is as much a part of the Greek’s heritage as its ancient architecture, rich literature, and exquisite cuisine. The boats, known as kaikis and painted in vibrant primary colors, bring to mind a simple way of life, but it’s one that is vanishing because of industrial fishing and dwindling fisheries.


Acrylic on canvas 28 X 36” framed in a light wood and ready to hang on your wall.

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Little Greek Boats 28 X 36