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Art Log

(posted on 13 Aug 2023)

Are you having a busy summer?  It's busy at my studio, too with preparing for shows (ticketing, stickers, lists, floats, set-ups and hauling to markets, but I must say it's a lot of fun and I do enjoy talking with the public.  

Here's the unveiling from my studio with subjects I've wanted to paint for years figuring prominently.

I cannot for a moment claim to be responsible for the care and keeping of any plants. Those days are over. But I do have the pleasure of witnessing the blooming of my neighbour's beautiful cacti blossoms which, with their translucent petals and vibrant hues thrill me with the each successive unfurling of their flowers. Are you surprised that we have can grow outdoor cactus in Western Canada? We are located 20 minutes north of Canada's only desert and it's hot in summer. 46C or 117F a couple of weeks ago.

From the top: Sharing the Stage, left Hot Pink Cactus Bloom, bottom Rose Among Thorns. Acrylic on cradle board prepared to the highest standard, each priced at $175

'Rose Among Thorns' Oooh, those prickly, stabbing thorns do a good job of protecting their delicate cactus blooms. This one seems to undulate, capturing all the colours about it.

Acrylic 8 X 10 X 1.5" on cradle board prepared to the highest standards. With its deep, painted sides there is no need to frame unless you desire.

'Hot Pink Cactus Bloom' Some years ago Peter and I spent two months in San Miguel de Allende where we both attended art classes with Juan Zaragoza, a master painter and teacher. While I did not paint cactus with him, I admire his huge mural sized cactus flowers and the small ones. 

'Sharing the Stage' This dramatic cactus bloom shares its stage with many buds ( each red mark to be a bloom someday as well as the cluster to the right). My neighbour takes the credit--I do not even have a potted plant--so that each year in late spring these cacti bloom in succession, thrilling me with their radiant colours. 8 X 10 X 1.5" acrylic on deep cradle board prepared to the highest standards.


I can just guess what you're saying to yourself. Why are you painting ice cream? It's summer. I love ice cream for its cold, firm, luscious mouth feel and what's not to love about chocolate . . . or truffles? And it's always fun. Furthermore there's a long tradition of painting food in the arts.  Painting this much detail is  an exacting, time consuming pursuit.

Acrylic on 12 X 16 X 3/4" canvas prepared to the highest standards. Framed in a light, natural wood. If you have a favourite flavour you'd like me to paint for you, contact me through 'Contact' on this page.


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