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(posted on 16 Jun 2023)

Two of my paintings sold last week at Picture This! Penticton: A La Cozy Motel and Evening's Veil Descends, the purply sunset image.  I am most grateful to Peggy, the gallery owner and the buyers.  

I didn't have a chance to tell you about my painting of the A la Cozy Motel in Coulee, Washington.  When we were kids our holidays consisted of road trips.  My father loved visiting dams and, because of that, visits to dams were always part of the adventures.  Let's talk turbines someday . . .  Returning from a road trip up the historic highway through California we passed by the A la Cozy Motel and I stopped to take a photo of this charming neon sign.

The sold paintings have been replaced with complementary paintings which will soon be posted.


This summer I will be showing and selling in a couple of markets, the first at Grizzli Winery in West Kelowna on July 1st from 11 to 3 where I have an indoor spot.  Grizzli Winery is a stunning place, and along with the artists' work on display inside and out, really worth a visit.


On July 15th I will be in Penticton at the FCA SOS Art in the Park event at Gyro Park along with other artists.  The event starts early at 8 and carries on until 3, to coincide with the street market.  Here's a hint:  park in the movie theatre parking lot and walk up.  Please come and say hello--I'll be in a tent!


Have a joyous summer.

(posted on 24 Apr 2023)

I heard it said once that a story is made by both reader and author with each creating a bridge to the other through the text.  Each of these skyscapes has its own story but you may apply your own to the image you see.  

'Blushing', the first of the three was inspired by awakening early to these luminous peach and purple clouds ascending over the lake just after dawn.  Mornings alone always reveal treasures otherwise hidden. 'Blushing' is painted in rich oils, on 20 X 20 X 3/4" canvas prepared to the highest standards and framed in a fresh painted white wood frame. $900 including the spanking white contemporary frame.

'Featherbed', a painting of soft, cumulus clouds is painted in oils on 12 X 12 X 3/4" canvas prepared to the highest standard and framed with a rich black frame. $350 including the frame.

'Evening's Curtain Falls' displays a sunset scene.  Oil on 10 X 20 X 3/4" canvas prepared to the highest standard. $400.

Shipping extra with each item.  Shipping costs are reduced with multiple purchases.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.



I'm letting you know early that March 25th is the big day for the Art Walk in Penticton when artists will be in the galleries which represent them.  In the meantime, write the day down in your calendar.  PS  Prepare to park a few blocks away.  Maps are available at most galleries.

I will be at Picture This! from 11:45 to 1 p.m. that day and I hope to see you there!




(posted on 12 Feb 2023)

I am so delighted to show my work in Xanadu Gallery's art catalog in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Jason Horej's Xanadu Gallery has two locations but the catalog reaches a worldwide audience.

(posted on 31 Jan 2023)

I have been held fast in the grip of sunsets since I was a child.  For me, every stage of a sunset is compelling, from the bright, vast skies of fuchsia, orange, pinks, scarlets and yellows until its disappearance.  Here is 'Days End' for you, just as the sunset is in its final stages, before it drops down quickly from view.  

Oil on canvas. 12" high by 9" wide with a beautiful light wood frame.

Shipping extra.

For more information, use the 'Contact' button above.

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(posted on 21 Jan 2023)

It's been a while since you heard from me but I assure you that I've been painting.

I've long wanted to paint clouds with success, capturing their billowing formations, the dispersal of streams of vapour and the gradation of blues in the sky. Until I shifted to oil paint, my works couldn't have come close to reality. For many years, though all seasons I'd sit outside and look at the skies, on my back deck in Vancouver overlooking Burrard Inlet I'd watch clouds forming and separating leaving long trails of mist in the sky. Like everyone in childhood I'd stretch out in the grass and observe clouds and proclaim that one looked like a cow or a sailing ship. Now that I've moved again, the skies and the sunsets are the hands-down entertainment winners.

Here's one for you that I hope you like, oil on canvas, 16" high by 20" wide.  If you have any questions please hit 'Contact'.  I would love to hear your reactions.

(posted on 8 Dec 2022)

My neighbour called me over to say that Abby, their Golden Retriever, had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and she might not have long. I went over and photographed her but she was very bouncy and full of excitement as she often was, thrilled to see a new person, to greet them with boundless enthusiasm. I always called her the Greeter Dog. The next day I had planned to go back to see if I could get a close-up of her eyes but my neighbour told me she had passed.  

One always thinks there will be one more day but it was not to be. I am always reminded by loss that we must be kind to one another, forgive quickly, apologize more rapidly and love one another. Saturday is the unveiling and I hope my neighbours, Gina and Blair, like the results.

(posted on 9 Nov 2022)

I'm having a lot of fun with peony buds right now, a very compelling activity on what is a cold winter-like day.  This layer of paint forms the basis of the image but more layers will be added to create depth.

Snow blowing in the wind, a driveway that's been shovelled 4 times in the last few days.  This beauty will form its painted blossoms and rich, dark leaves over the next 10 days or so, ready for sale.

Wishing you all a cozy time at home right now.  Please contact me for information about this 16" X 12" peony painting.  


(posted on 2 Nov 2022)


I'm still thrilled from our 'Spark Joy' show which ended on Saturday, October 29th.  Lots of happy new owners walked away with our paintings and we are thrilled that they have found loving homes.  Many thanks to all who took the time to visit!  

Art Walk Penticton is coming soon--November 19th from 11 to 4 and, while our schedule hasn't come out yet, I expect to be at Picture This! Custom Framing and Gallery some time during the day meeting visitors.  The displays are being readied and no sooner than mine was hung, one of mine sold!  There are plenty of paintings left though.  

Should you ever want to arrange a studio visit--the flower paintings are home now--just email or phone me to make arrangements.  250 689-8148 or

More ‘Joy’ on offer at the Art Gallery Osoyoos

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More ‘Joy’ on offer at the Art Gallery Osoyoos

Pam Duncan (left) and Carollyne Sinclaire are featuring their paintings of landscapes, flowers and yes, donuts too! Don Urquhart photo

By Don Urquhart, Times Chronicle

I suspect we all can stand a little more joy in our lives and the current art exhibition – Spark Joy – now on at the Art Gallery Osoyoos delivers exactly that.

 “All of these objects sparked joy for each one of us,” says Carollyne Sinclaire, who along with Pam Duncan are exhibiting their works until Oct. 29.

 “Marie Kondo says that when you’re decluttering or re-organizing your home you should show each object and it should excite every cell in your body,” Sinclaire says, explaining the impetus behind the Spark Joy theme.

 “I think we felt that way about each one of the subjects enough to photograph it, to paint it and I really have a desire that anyone that comes to the show feels the same sort of happiness, the joy that we do in those subjects as they are rendered,” she adds.

 For Duncan it’s natural landscapes that spark the most joy in her artistry. “I find when I go out into nature I just connect with things and I find a great joy in being in the natural environment.”

 Several of her paintings on display follow from her recent art retreat in BamField on Vancouver Island’s stunning Barkley Sound. “I just felt a lot of freedom and connection because of the remoteness of the area,” she says.

 Similarly there is a connection to the Okanagan because this is her home, she adds. Last year she went on a similar retreat but in the Cariboo of which she also has paintings on exhibit. “Again, it’s just being outside and connecting with nature that brings me joy.”

 Sinclaire comments how much water is featured in Duncan’s paintings, whether from the coast or the Interior. “So many famous artists inspire to paint water and Pam has just done a splendid job,” she said, noting the difficulty in rendering water accurately.

 Over the past 10 years Sinclaire says she’s painted a lot of different things, but she tends to paint a series, “that way I get to know the subject better and learn how to handle the paint and in this case flowers which are very intricate.”

 She started painting small works featuring flowers in acrylic before the pandemic came on and then she notes something very strange happened. “For the first month of COVID I just came to a standstill, like so many people, and I didn’t paint at all.” So too for Duncan. But soon enough that invisible hurdle faded and painting returned.

 Sinclaire says she became very intrigued by flowers and was invited to paint flowers from many people’s gardens. “Every flower seems to have its own personality, but I’m intrigued by the form, the diversity of hues and just the exquisite formation of a flower – the little fat pollen sacks, the little stripes that are runways for the insects, every single one of these flowers is designed for reproduction and extremely complex,” she enthuses.

 Visiting the Naramata Garden Show gave her the opportunity to meet flower growers and enthusiasts, many of whom invited her back to photograph their flowers and gardens through the changing seasons to transform into paintings.

 “It was very intriguing for me to learn about flowers, even an Iris, the different petals have different names and different functions, ‘these are ‘falls’, these are ‘standards’ – each one of these areas has its own name,” she explains.

 Some of her flower paintings she’s named after songs, more just a coincidence than anything, a product of listening to the radio while painting, she laughs. Take for instance, “It really got me started,” “We’ve only just begun,” or “Unchained melody.”

 “I would love to say that I engineered it so that the audience can have a multi-sensory approach but that actually wasn’t the truth,” she laughs.

 A sinfully delicious donut beckons me from the wall as we are talking and Sinclaire laughs relating the story behind it. Some donuts, a chocolate bar and some candies in an old-fashioned dispenser are on one wall, seemingly incongruous with the floral display all around.

 “This confectionery series started off because I was waiting for a couple friends in Tim Hortons and I was facing the donut display case that was lit up with lights. I found the glazing on the donuts were just as dazzling as diamonds in the window,” she says.

 “They didn’t temp me to eat them but they tempted me to paint them and I couldn’t really devote myself to conversation because all I could think of was painting the donuts. So I came back the next day and bought a single donut and insisted to the staff that they put it in the box and make sure it didn’t touch the sides because I didn’t want it ruined.”

 Once at home she carefully unloaded the precious cargo into her light box to photograph it in order to begin painting it. “I found it didn’t look like much until it got bitten and then you got the ooz!” she says.

 Although taking photos of objects like flowers does their immense natural beauty little justice, “I know the feeling that I had, so memory is often a big part of it for me.” It’s about a “cascade of memories and emotions,” she adds.



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